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New Gallery opening in Central Guildford

GU Art ,13 Swan Lane, Guildford.
GU Art ,13 Swan Lane, Guildford.

GU Art ,13 Swan Lane, Guildford.

Facilitated by the charity Axis Web this is an artist- run exhibition space and will open its doors on Thursday 3rd December 2020. Open Tue to Sun 1100-1600h

This is a space for professional artists to display their work in the centre of Guildford

Many of the artists have built up national reputations and shown across the country and abroad. Although not a commercial gallery, work can be purchased or commissioned directly from the artist.

“Although there have been opportunities to show in various temporary exhibitions and art societies, there has been nowhere for professional artists to show their work until now. We hope that this initiative will be successful and develop into more than just a gallery in the future” said one of the artists.

Local councillors are looking at this with interest; whether this initiative will provide one of the ways to regenerate empty outlets in the wake of recent retail failure exacerbated by Covid 19 closures.

Participating Artists:

Rob Blackham: Rock Photographer

Louise Burnett: Oil and Acrylic Landscapes

Andrew Curtis: Oils/acrylic, Watercolours and Prints

Mandy Millyard: Street Photographer

Diana Pollock: Pastels and Prints

Nathalie Beauvillain Scott: Portrait and Mural Artist

Terri Smart: Ceramics


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