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Gallery - Zoom Portrait Project 2020-2021


All 12 by 18 cm Oils on canvas.  For all enquiries and sales, please make Contact.  

The lockdowns of 2020-2021 have presented all sorts of challenges for me as an artist.

Figuratively, I always work from life. However, online meetings have became a default setting for people to interact.

I decided to produce make a project of images based on weekly meetings of Ukejam, a group of Ukulele players who play along together from the safety of their homes.

This was conceived as a set of individual paintings, presented Zoom-fashion, in small rectangles.

When working in this fashion, there is a digital veil that comes between the artist and subject. Unfiltered and candid as the individuals present themselves, they are only a part of the picture. The interiors form abstract patterns, and rooms divide into rakish angles with the ephemera of homelife; plugs, photos etc having a poetry of their own. This, together with the “electric” brightness of the digital lighting make for an intriguing insight into contemporary ways of seeing.

Today this creative anarchy has gradually transformed; people now “curate” their backgrounds and use professional lighting which takes away some of the vitality of the early days.

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